Una soap a non lieto fine ?

Pubblicato il 19 Marzo 2010 da Veronica Baker

Una soap a non lieto fine ?

Ieri nessuna novità dal fronte tecnico, il bull market continua infatti indisturbato nella sua corsa.
Ma alcune crepe si iniziano ad intravedere sul fronte greco, il bailout non appare più così sicuro, anzi :

[…]The Greek Finance Ministry Thursday denied reports that the country might seek support from the International Monetary Fund next month amid growing doubts over a European Union-backed bailout package for the country.

“These reports are jokes, they are not true,” said the official requesting anonymity.

“These reports do not correspond with reality.”The official said Greece may approach the IMF as early as the Easter weekend of early April for support.

But the finance ministry official stressed that Greece hasn't officially sought financial support from the EU, reiterating that Greece has only requested political support from its partners.[…]

Una soap a non lieto fine ?

Ed alla luce di quanto detto, appaiono folli queste dichiarazioni del premier greco :

[…]Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou set a one-week deadline for the European Union to craft a financial aid mechanism for Greece, challenging Germany to give up its doubts about a rescue package.[…]

Nel frattempo, le reazioni dei mercati non si sono fatte attendere :

[…]The yield on Greece’s 10-year government bond rose 14 basis points to 6.23 percent at 2:25 p.m. in Brussels. The euro fell for a second day against the dollar, slipping as much as 0.7 percent to $1.3648.Credit-default swaps on Greek sovereign debt rose 7 basis points to 295, the highest in a week, according to CMA DataVision prices.[…]


E la posizione della Germania non è certo cambiata nell’ultima settimana, nonostante la propaganda dei mass-media stia incessantemente raccontandoci il contrario :

[…]The head of Germany’s Ifo economic research institute on Thursday said the best way to solve the Greek financial crisis is for the country to leave the eurozone.

I would recommend that Greece leaves the European Monetary Union,” Sinn said at a press conference in Berlin.

The country should then devalue its currency and a debt moratorium should be put in place, he proposed.”

This would be cheaper [for the other Eurozone countries] then to permanently finance Greece,” Sinn said, arguing that Greece’s biggest problem was its elevated foreign trade deficit and not mainly its high public debt.[…]

Credo ci sia poco da aggiungere.


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