Sell on the (obvious) news

Pubblicato il 11 Giugno 2012 da Veronica Baker

The Spain bank bailout was rumored for more than a week,and the rally begun last Friday ; gap up in opening was immediately filled in the morning .

Obvious sell on the news ,of course.

And don’t forget : these are triple witching days , and next 17th of June there will be the fundmental election day in Greece.

Don’t build any strategy until next Monday , this is my advice !

Here the headlines of the day :

  • Spanish 10-year yields hit 6.50% after initially falling to 6.0% on bailout
  • Italian 10-year yields hit 6%, highest since January
  • Troika working to avoid subordination in Spanish bailout
  • Posen: BOE should buy securitized small/medium business loans
  • ECB’s Noyer: Europe needs deposit guarantee system
  • Rehn: No budget conditions for Spain

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