Last updated : July 25, 2022

The mission of Her Own Destiny is the creation of an incensurable web platform, which therefore will be able to publish any kind of information forever without facing any preventive censorship.

Whatever is published on this website is truthful, freely available, and open to all.
Nothing is hidden behind a paywall or an e-mail subscription form.

No advertisements

Her Own Destiny does not host ads or accept payment for advertising.

As in the case of paid reviews, pay-for advertising would create an obvious conflict of interest.
If this website were dependent on revenue from paid advertising, what would be the chances of maintaining a complete independence ?

Another issue with ads, in general, is that they would violate user privacy and may represent a security risk. (Almost all ads also work as tracking).

No sponsorship or paid reviews

Her Own Destiny does not accept sponsorship or payment.
Also, it does not publish paid content or “sponsored” posts.

Lastly, it does not participate in any kind of paid link scheme.
In other words, Her Own Destiny never be paid to link to certain websites, blogs, articles, etc.
Her Own Destiny follows standard webmaster guidelines and do not accept payment for links or content in any form.

No invasive tracking

Her Own Destiny does not use Google Analytics or other invasive tracking software.
Instead, the website uses Clicky, which anonymizes visitors’ IP addresses, is fully compliant with GDPR privacy regulations, and is officially certified by Privacy Shield for data protection compliance.

Complete Independence

It is unnecessary to add that Her Own Destiny remains completely independent and has no ownership, conflict of interest, or financial stake in any publishing house or media company.

In fact, Her Own Destiny is owned, incorporated and operated as a single-member LLC with no external owners or financial interests.

Social media accounts

Neither Her Own Destiny nor anyone writing on this site has any social media accounts.
Any accounts that may be found are fake and therefore punishable by law.

How does Her Own Destiny pay for its costs ?

In addition to hosting and other fixed costs of maintaining a website, an huge amount of time is invested in researching, writing, and reordering the sources consulted.

HerOwnDestiny has no connection with any social network, does not advertise, undergoes constant shadow banning by the most popular search engine, i.e. Google ; as a general rule, Her Own Destiny do not work with any companies that have a bad reputation and/or are adept at dishonest practices.

This naturally limits the site’s revenue capacity.

As mentioned above, Her Own Destiny also refuses to have sponsorships or paid content of any kind.

In order to continue to run the site and cover all the costs and time required, Her Own Destiny relies not only on self-funding, but also on income from incoming traffic from the network of other proprietary websites.

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