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Pubblicato il 24 Dicembre 2009 da Veronica Baker

Assolutamente consigliata la lettura ( in lingua inglese ) di  questo documento di Sprott :

It is just a Ponzi scheme ?

Intanto, come trailer ecco uno dei passaggi fondamentali :

[…] All Ponzi schemes eventually fail under their own weight.
The US debt scheme is no different. 2009 has been witness to spectacular government intervention in almost all levels of the economy.
This support requires outside capital to facilitate, and relies heavily on the US government’s ability to
raise money in the debt market.The fact that the Federal Reserve and US Treasury cannot identify the second largest buyer of treasury securities this year proves that the traditional buyers are not keeping pace with the US government’s deficit spending.

It makes us wonder if it’s all just a Ponzi scheme[…]

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