Il doppiogiochista

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Se l’ape scomparisse dalla faccia della terra, all’uomo non resterebbero che quattro anni di vita.

Albert Einstein

Le prima impressione che ho sulle persone sono sempre quelle che alla fine si rivelano corrette.
Anche questa volta avrei dovuto fidarmi assai in anticipo.

17 Gennaio, 2016

“In 2010 there were the first reports about bacterial damage to olive trees in Salento ,immediately after it had been organized in Puglia a convention relating to the microorganism Xylella.
The symposium, held under the auspices of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute, had illustrated the characteristics of the pathogen and how to stem the spread in the territory.

A coincidence ?
I don’t think.

Il doppiogiochista
Avrebbe negato l’esistenza delle chemtrails… © Veronica Baker

Perhaps a genetically modified one, more dangerous than the original had been spread .
It is well known that certain bacteria used for inseminations imbrifere are transgenic pathogens really very dangerous, such as Escherichia coli.

Some people living in Salento have seen in recent years plenty of helicopters flew over (at low altitude) olive trees.
And it is also well known that this microorganism is endemic in California ,where it hurts and kills vineyards, almond trees and oleanders.

It ‘s just another combination if California and Puglia (among the others) are regions destroyed by clandestine geoengineering ?

Even when it is not the direct cause of mortalities , geoengineering is poisoning the biosphere and consequently creating the conditions for weakening plants, animals and human beings.
Also a not particularly aggressive pathogen could become lethal if attacking a sick, debilitated, plant, animal or human .

Of course, politicians and prosecutors never admit these facts, and prefer to act destroying the trees .
They will not act to prevent a crisis or solve a problem : they act only for destroying all.”

Il doppiogiochista

Volevo replicare in questo modo al doppiogiochista Armstrong.
Ma poi ho rinunciato, dato che – come tutti gli informatori più o meno reali – avrebbe negato l’esistenza delle chemtrails adducendo qualche motivazione “complottista”.

Un altro che ha in mente solo Dollari.

Ennesimo venduto al Sistema.


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