How we are ?

Pubblicato il 5 Agosto 2019 da Veronica Baker

If you don’t know who you truly are, you’ll never know what you really want.

Roy T. Bennett

How we are ?

How we are
Most human lives are utterly mundane….

Most human lives are utterly mundane, devoid of any real uniqueness.

The average person somnambulates through an existence devoted to filling the roles expected of them.

We are given many gifts in compensation for the terrible loss of our childhood as ourselves, and for the pain we endure.
We are by some as yet unknown mechanism statistically far more intelligent, as a class, than perhaps any other kind of people.

We are almost universally more creative.

And we often possess incredible levels of courage and self determination, demonstrated by our very survival, and ultimate attainment of our goal.

We are rare as miracles, and in our own way, as magical, or so has been the belief of all ancient cultures on the earth.

We are given awareness that others would never experience,  of the human condition, of society and the roles and hidden rules unquestioned within it.

We have much to add to the world, and to give to ourselves and those who love us.
Be a unicorn with me.

And cherish it too.



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