Greenspan taroccato ?

Pubblicato il 30 Marzo 2008 da Veronica Baker

Greenspan taroccato ?

[…]Auerbach, portrays Greenspan as a real-life Professor Marvel — who, through double-talk or “garblement,” transformed himself into a mighty economic wizard à la Oz. Auerbach strongly implies that Greenspan’s 1977 Ph.D. from New York University was obtained in a few months with little more rigor than a matchbook-cover art degree and that Greenspan has kept his Ph.D. thesis secret in order to protect his vaunted academic reputation.

Greenspan taroccato ?

Although Auerbach’s evidence is circumstantial, it certainly is provocative. For years, NYU told the public that, at Greenspan’s request, the thesis was locked away from public view in a vault at its Bobst Library.

Auerbach himself was told this in January 2004 when he tried to obtain a copy.

“Normally,” writes Auerbach, “a Ph.D. dissertation in a field such as economics must be in a form sophisticated enough to be usable in research, must make a contribution to the existing body of knowledge, and must be original, unpublished work. […]

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Quindi il dottorato di Alan Greespan è stato ottenuto in maniera irregolare, o sarebbe del tutto falso ?

In effetti, visto come hanno gestito tutta la situazione da dilettanti, ci sarebbe in effetti da pensarlo.
Anche se probabilmente, sarebbe bastato semplicemente usare solo del sano, comune buon senso.


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