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Non discutere mai con un idiota : ti trascina al suo livello e ti batte con l’esperienza.

Mark Twain

Sono ben poche le discussioni – e soprattutto i commenti – genuini che si leggono negli articoli e nei forum di tutto ciò che fa parte del cosiddetto main-stream di riferimento, cioè l’informazione ufficiale e quella contro-ufficiale“.

La stragrande maggioranza di ciò che si trova su internet è infatti già inquinato sin dall’inizio.
E naturalmente più un argomento è importante, più la verità viene (magistralmente) occultata.

Maggio 8, 2014

Un esempio pratico di come si comportano un gatekeeper ed i troll/debunker…

Un esempio pratico di come si comportano un gatekeeper ed i troll/debunker che lavorano al suo soldo è dato dalla seguente discussione sul celeberrimo sito di bufale finanziarie (spacciate però per oro colato) Forexlive.

Ecco la discussione integrale, su un argomento “stimolante” (Berlusconi, probabilmente il migliore di tutti) che da sempre provoca divisioni fra le parti (e naturalmente pure io ci ho giocato molto su questo !).

Ed in cui ho voluto testare la validità del metodo di riconoscimento del Gatekeeper editore del sito ed i suoi “fedeli” debunker/troll che sono subito accorsi in suo aiuto.

I nicknames Luca, Cesare, ajmills (ed il finto contro-provocatore Antonello) fino a quel momento sconosciuti, ma che sono subito spuntati come funghi a difenderlo non appena ho provato a gettare una miccia provocatoria (il mio nickname è King’s Cross) nei confronti del Gatekeeper.

Leggere per credere :

Berlusconi’s party threatening resignations and elections if he’s not pardoned (August 2nd, 2013 18:27:31 GMT)

“It sounds like the PDL will give President Napolitano an ultimatum — pardon Berlusconi or elections. PDL ministers are prepared to resign if needed.

Makes you wonder what kind of dirt Berlusconi has on his own party members if they’re willing to resign for him.
It also provides some insight on why there was such a bitter fight for the (mostly symbolic) position of Italian President. Napolitano is 87-years-old and from the Communist Party so it’s not clear what Berlusconi’s chances are or if his ministers are bluffing.”


August 2, 2013 at 18:41LOL

You’re missing the point!!!There is not PDL without Berlusconi… they don’t even have the money to do a congress!!!
Many of them are friends of Berlusconi, his dentist (a woman) and his lawyers too have been elected…
People that worked in mediaset with him are now in the parliament…and they all know that he became a politician to avoi trials and jail time. They really fears that now that his party will not protect him from the others accusations. He’s not longer an (active) politician, so he can’t pospone trials or sentences waiting for them to expire. He will leave them without a party (no money) and without a job…
Napolitano will NEVER give pardon to Berlusconi…he know that if he do so there will be a lot of protests in the streets and that can lead easily to a lot of violence (Many of us waited almost 20 years to see this man condemmned).

Adam Button
August 2, 2013 at 18:43
I hope that’s the case Luca. But will his party actually force elections ?

August 2, 2013 at 18:51
Ciao Adam. I am italian and I agree with Luca. Tell me,in your country it is possible that a criminal (condemned) leads a big political party ?

August 2, 2013 at 19:08
well…it’s all a matter of timing…He can play this card (elections) if he think that PD (democrats) will not be able to do theyr primary election to choose a premier (and a secretary to rule the party). If this happens his big competitor (Matteo Renzi, PD, major of Firenze) who can steal votes from PDL will be ruled out for this elections, and Letta (PD) will be the next candidate for the premiership. It’s unlikely that movement five stars will accept a deal from PD to form a new governament (Napolitano, will first ask for this before calling new elections). The fact is that it’s also unlikely that Napolitano will call for new lections before the new electoral law is made (the one we have now it’s been declared uncostitutional, LOL!!!! )… For Berlusconi it’s a risky game… but he’s reeeeeally pissed and he’s the only one that can make decisions for his party… he’s the only one in charge of leading PDL… hopefully someone will talk to him and point him the risks. If Napolitano forces the governament to do a new electoral law before the elections, PD will have the time to pick a new candidate (Matteo Renzi will win, I don’t like him…) that will probably lead PD to the victory.

August 2, 2013 at 19:15
@Cesare, even Grillo has been condamned for causing a car accident…he jumped off the car but left inside a mother, a father and a little kid, leaving another little girl without family, He was driving on a closed road in winter with ice on it…
It looks like a lot of italians loves to be ruled by old and rich men…I wish we could have the king back…Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia is such a nice guy…

August 2, 2013 at 19:43
btw, I was just checking how Pardon works…and they’re doing it wrong, LoL !
The request must be presented by the condemned or one of his relatives but not to Napolitano but to the minister of justice (and he’s a democrat, lol) addressed to Napolitano. Then some judges will open a case on it…usually they evaluate how the condamned is doing during his detenction (he still have to decide from home detention or social services) and check if the people damaged by his act are willing to forgive him so it’s unlikely that he will get it…it has some technical steps… it’s not just a sign on a piece of paper…
They will probably do it monday (if Berlusconi do the request) and then we will see what they’re for real….
I think he’ll do some bungabunga this weekend and hopefully he will not be so upset monday and turn his hawks into doves…

Adam Button
August 2, 2013 at 19:45
Thanks for the great info Luca. I’m looking forward to watching it unfold next week.

King’s Cross
August 2, 2013 at 19:46
The more Comunist blame him —-> the more italian people will sustain him
The more infamous judges condamn him in this way —-> the more he will become stronger
You really know nothing about italian situation, or most probably simply you don’t want to understand, because many people has told you the same words .
I have never like Silvio and he is really unpleasant for me , but very unfortunately he is telling the truth, italians are not so stupid as you probably think.
King’s Cross

August 2, 2013 at 20:24
omg… the truth…so she REALLY was Mubarak nephew!!!
oh, come on…

August 3, 2013 at 01:09
I totally agree with Luca. Berlusconi is a monster. He has no respect or dignity. He has destroyed the Italian way of life and put fear in all Italians. There is no respect anymore between Italians. They have all become very selfish and false because of the politics of Berlusconi.
Italy and Italiand need to start all over again without Berlusconi to bring back some dignity to the country.

August 3, 2013 at 01:19
In reply to Kings Cross.
Italians are not stupid but they are easily bought by the small amounts of cash that Berlusconi offers the voters.
I work with 30 Italians and most of them voted for Berlusconi simply because he offered to refund the property tax if he won the election. For the sum of €100 most people voted for him. Many Italians have no interest in politics or the future of their country of children. All they want is cash in their pockets..
There is a lot of corruption created by Berlusconi and most Italians want to their slice of the cake.

King’s Cross
August 3, 2013 at 21:42
At first, sorry for my English not perfect.
I’m italian (from Milano, the same city where Silvio was born), even if I live abroad in Germany (and I never come back in the future !), neither really interested in politic .

I know very well the situation of my (ex)country and consequently the real problems (impossibile to solve , on my opinion).
I use my brain for working and in particular being objective with the reality, and not be trapped by the most popular thinking or sympathy or antipathy for someone.
With your answer you have also injured many honest italian who have different thoughts about the matter and voted Pdl or right in general (there’s not only Silvio !).
Never mind, it’s not my case , of course (and I never loved him , or voted for him); but perhaps I’m not interested in continuing the discussion with people repeating always the same old stories (monster, cash in the pocket, criminal).

Probably you are happy to pay 75%-80% of your income in taxes (if you are an independent worker, of course) you are happy to go to an hypermarket and paying for foods in media 15-20% more than in most northern european countries like Germany, you are happy to live in cities where criminality is soaring, where the value of your property is falling day by day because taxes in your home are growing (and italians historically invests their savings buying a house, 85% are home owners), where the judicial system is corrupt and so killers are usually free becuase there is “no time” for the trial or there is no money for paying the investigations (but they have spent millions of Euros for knowing all the secrets about the bedroom of Silvio…), and thousands and thousands of other “monstrous” examples too long to explain in a short time.

Be happy in the future in your “magnific” country without the “monster” Silvio : but remember that growing number of Southerns like me (and not only Italians, of course, because many Greeks, Spaniards, Portugueses and even French do the same) ventured to escape deepening recession and growing social tensions.
Ask you the reason why.

P.S. : the ONLY italian party who really promised money to their elector (“reddito di cittadinanza” of 800€ ) is M5S

August 4, 2013 at 07:58
I totally agree with you. I am not saying that all Italians are the same. Most are hard working, honest, intelligent citizens. My wife is Italian, she has never voted for Berlusconi, no matter how much he has offered to buy her vote but many people sell their vote to Berlusconi for peanuts.

We have serious problems here because we pay too much tax from our salaries. Food is very expensive, Fuel is the most expensive in all of europe. Unemployment is far too high and getting higher every day. There is no investment from outside companies because of the high taxes.
I am sorry to say but the future is not good. I love Italy but I seriously think that it will be very hard to survive in the future.

Not all Berlusconi’s fault, the problems were created after the war. But I don’t think that he has improved Italy in the 20 years of power. He has continued to make the same mistakes as all the previous governments.
The main problem with Silvio is that he will not accept that he has destroyed the Italian way of life and has not been able to improve things. He is not the right man for the job and he should go and allow a new younger generation of politicians to try to resolve the serious problems that we have in Italy

August 4, 2013 at 08:09
Kings Cross said…With your answer you have also injured many honest italian who have different thoughts about the matter and voted Pdl or right in general ( there’s not only Silvio !).
I am sorry King Cross but I have heard many Italians say exactly the same things that I wrote.

There is only Berlusconi, why do all his party always agree with him. Have you ever heard of anyone saying something against him. He is the PDL, he has bought everyone in the PDL. He has total 100% power.
In any other European county, Berlusconi would of been finished after his first scandal in the 1990′s but his money talks and allows him to buy everyone. He is 100% corrupt and we all know it but he continues.
Please can you tell me why Italians continue voting for him. I really don’t understand the reasoning.

August 4, 2013 at 08:26
Berlusconi has saved Italy from the communist.
AJ Mill go back to you country if you dont like Italy and Italians. I have 2 shops and thank to Berlusconi, I made money. Not possible with the PD communists.

A questo punto naturalmente avevo già ottenuto il mio scopo.

E non ho più replicato.

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