Crisis in a nutshell

Pubblicato il 25 Maggio 2012 da Veronica Baker

  • Buba’s Weidmann: ECB has taken ‘considerable risks’ with measures ( don’t you know ?)
  • Riksbank Dep Gov Jansson: State finances ‘catastrophic’ in many Europe countries but global economy still looks healthy ( lol , a funny news )
  • German Gfk June consumer sentiment indicator steady at 5.7, from upwardly revised 5.7 in May (prev 5.6) Slightly better than Reuter’s median forecast of 5.6 ( in this moment Germans are interested in sun, pizza& mandolino )
  • French consumer confidence 90 in May, up from upwardly revised 89 in April (prev 88). Slightly better than median forecast of 89 ( Thx to Hollande ! )
  • German FinMin spokesman: Not problematic if next Greek aid tranche delayed beyond end of June ( of course, not problmatic for Germany…)
  • Portugal opposition Socialists stand by bailout commitments – Opposition leader
  • Belgian ForMin Reynders: Greece can’t handle further spending cuts and  ‘Technical Staffs’ Studying Greek Exit Costs , even if Greek exit ‘not being considered’ ( contradictory statements ,sure )
  • More Reydners: No Organised Discussion At European Level Of What To Do If Greece Leaves Euro , Would be “grave professional error” if central banks and companies not preparing for Greece euro exit ( an other very encouraging statement )
  • Norges Bank Governor: International Growth Outlook Significantly Weakened, Oil is stronger motor for Norway than ever ( and our fuel pump prices are the highest in Europe )
  • Spain Makes Some Tweaks To Improve Competitiveness : Licensing will be faster and easier ( lol,   a Monti’s idea…)
  • Deutsche Bank : Greece A Failed State , can’t blame Greeks for transferring funds out of country ( Germans are for cheap Euro )
  • Deutsche’s Fitschen: Figures To Revive Spanish Banks Are Staggering , Potential Greek bank run could be contagious ( and today is a sunny day here,tomorrow is Saturday and next 27th of May is Sunday…)
  • Reuters: Spain’s Catalonia Region Needs Government Help; Running Out Of Debt Financing ( I don’t think this is a real news , they prefer to ask indipendence rather than an help from Madrid…)

But have no fear , here the man of Provvidence : Van Rompuy !

  • EU to do all it can to stabilize bank situation
  • Confident Greek people will make the right choice
  • Contingency plan for Greece not a priority; priority is that Greece stay in the euro
  • EU considering different scenarios on Greece

Eur/Usd : next target 1.248

Market Indicies :South

Eurobonds : not at all and not only Germany, but even the Netherlands ( Dutch PM: Forget Germany; We’ll Never Allow Euro Bonds )

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