About healthcare

Pubblicato il 14 Luglio 2019 da Veronica Baker

If by gaining knowledge we destroy our health, we labour for a thing that will be useless in our hands.

John Locke

About healthcare

About healthcare
The idea of how everyone may (or may not) get medical care…

There are a couple of threads that touch on this, and I think it’s suitable for its own.
The idea of how everyone may (or may not) get medical care and for what.

The way I see it, in the general sense, a world that can sink trillions into other issues, that can do as many incredible things that we can do in this day and age, should be able to provide for at least basic health care for everyone (not referring to cosmetic issues) — for to do otherwise would be to say that some of us may have it.

And the rest of us will have to suffer and die if they do not pay enough money.
How can we call ourselves civilized, if we stand by and let others suffer ?
People can struggle to get ahead and get rich, and buy for themselves the best health care, make millions.

But where that’s possible and does happen, by the structure of financial systems, most people cannot get that far ahead.

Most will have to work for those few who own the companies.
Even if everyone were to (in fantasy land) get farther ahead.

Some will get farther ahead than others.
And the ones who are not as far ahead will then have trouble paying for the increased prices of their homes and insurances.

I do believe that a system must be put into place for everyone to have basic, real health care.
I know many who don’t, because of the current system.

I believe people should be able to work hard and get ahead — and then not have to commit bankruptcy if they get a non-covered medical issue.
Not have to lose their house.

But however we do it, I do believe that we need medical care for everyone.
It’s only all about healthcare.


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